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Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Pre-vetted Developers

Remote72 rigorously screens and vets developers, ensuring that only the most skilled and experienced professionals are available for hire.

This saves time and resources spent on recruitment and interviewing processes.

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Flexible Engagement Model

Remote72 offers flexible engagement models, including full-time, part-time, and hourly arrangements.

Allowing companies to scale their development teams based on project requirements and budgets.



Hire Ruby on Rails Developers For Risk-Free Hiring At Convenient Hiring Rate
Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


Hiring developers from Remote72 can be more cost-effective than traditional hiring methods.

Companies can save on overhead costs associated with in-house employees, such as office space, equipment, and benefits.

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers Who Spread Their Code Wings With

Experienced Professionals, Hire RoR Developers for Remarkable Projects for Unparalleled Expertise

Hire Ruby Programmer
Hire Ruby on Rails Developer India
Hire Ruby on Rails Developers
Hire Ruby on Rails Developers
Hire Ruby on Rails Developers
Hire RoR Developers
Hire Ruby on Rails Developers
How Can We Help You?

Here are the answers to some of the queries we have received frequently.

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Why hire Ruby on Rails developers from Remote72?

At Remote72, we help you hire the best Ruby on Rails developers from India, we maintain a regularly updated database of efficient Ruby on Rails developers with reliable experience. The Remote72 hiring system is designed to serve your project interests with the highest regard for your business demands. 

Pre-vetted Skill & Experience: Remote72 Ruby on Rails developers are duly vetted via a carefully crafted interview process to test their technical proficiency and experience with the relevant technologies. 

Ideal Skill Match: When you submit your hiring request on our dashboards, our hiring managers screen your project requirements with our database to match candidates with tech and industry experience best suited for your profile. 

Human Elements: At Remote72, we understand the importance of the human touch in finding the best “human” resources. Even though AI is a progressive innovation that assists us in different lines of work, our current LLMs are not equipped to understand the delicate nuisances processed by the human mind. Hence, only our best hiring managers with an average of 5+ years of recruitment experience, work diligently to screen, match, and help you onboard the best Ruby on Rails developers for your development team.

Dedicated Ruby on Rails Developers: When you hire Ruby on Rails developers in India from Remote72, we make sure that they dedicate their time and experience solely to your project for the contracted hiring period.

Time-Zone Alignment: When you hire Ruby on Rails Developers from Remote72, we assure you to match your project with developers who can work for the business hours most suitable for the interest of your business. 

Organizational Skills: We realize it takes adequate managerial skills and technical expertise to create the best developers. Hence, when we hire Ruby on Rails developers for our database, we test their logical thinking, collaborating, and linguistic skills along with their technical proficiency. This helps you hire the best professionals for your Back-end development team.

How do you ensure an accurate skill match while hiring Ruby on Rails Developers?

At Remote72, our in-house hiring managers oversee the profile-matching and onboarding process with complete diligence and dedication. Our managers screen our existing database not only based on their technical skills but also their intended roles and responsibilities when they become a part of your team. They match this project information with the available developers’ profiles, their strengths, and experience to find the most accurate matches for you. 

This high-accuracy developer match allows you to discover and create unique solutions for a long-standing problem faced by your target audience. 

You will be able to hire seasoned Ruby on Rails developers or emerging fresh minds based on your project requirements and job responsibilities.  

How long does it take to hire Ruby on Rails developers via Remote72?

Hiring Ruby on Rails developers remotely from Remote72 is a time-efficient process. We boast a database of eminent developers with proven technical expertise and industry experience. The pre-vetted network of developers allows us to screen and match your project with talented Ruby on Rails developers with the required skills and experience faster. Once you receive the matches, you can schedule the interview with our developers, and hire the right developers for your projects/development team. This entire process ideally can be conducted within 72 hours.

Will the hired Ruby on Rails developers be dedicated to my project during the assigned hours?

Angular developers enlisted with Remote72 are contractually obligated to allocate their full-time efforts exclusively to one client at a time. This commitment is reinforced by a formal agreement that prohibits them from undertaking additional client work or projects during the specified period.

So, yes. When you hire dedicated Angular developers for your project, they will be available exclusively for your projects for the duration of the assigned hours. 

How does the 14-day risk-free trial work?

At Remote72, we offer you a 14-day risk-free trial. This trial starts from the days of onboarding. You can assess the recruit’s expertise against your project and team environment in real-time before confirming any hiring decision. If you’re satisfied with the performance of your remote Ruby on Rails developer, we’ll bill you for the time and continue the engagement for as long as you’d like. If you’re not completely satisfied, you won’t be billed. From there, we can either part ways, or we can provide you with another expert who may be a better fit.

What are the hourly rates at Remote72?

We believe each client has unique requirements that need to be addressed differently. That is why, we do not have a one-for-all, generalized hourly rate for all our clients. We only send you a quote after receiving your project request to offer the best price that complements all your project demands without inflating your budget, unnecessarily.

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